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    I was just wondering if overclocking the Pre's cpu was worth it, or not, and the ups and downs of the process. I'm a bit hesitant, not so much with voiding the warranty (thanks WebOSDoctor!) but with having something negative happen to my device (e.g. bricking it). And lastly, what was the safest to overclock the phone too (mhz wise), I really don't want to worry about the phone suffering from temperature damage, or any other kind of damage, all day.

    I've tried searching the forum, but I have yet to find answers to all my questions.

    As always, any information would be great!
    (I plan on using the "Overclocking for Dummies" guide).

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    Yes. Very worth it
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    HECK YES, seriously install preware now and get too it. It's like night and day.
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    Yes - there has been no reports of any issues coming from overclocking the Pre's CPU.
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    Thanks all, I guess I'll get working on the overclocking process in the morning!
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    absolutely worth it. and that is a huge understatement. Try it. You can always go back...
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    does abbott and costello go together ? how about cagney and lacey ? or laverne and shirly. .................. and so forth
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Robert L
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    thelma and louis! Bradgelina...

    We need to stamp it Preber Kernel!
    it is absolutely worth it and safe! Get govnah and uber and you don't have to worry! Get back to us & let ur mixed emotions of happiness and resent( for not doing it sooner) pour over this post, so we can shower in ur happiness!
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    Hell yes!!!!
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    There truly is a difference when you OC! There is no more laginess to it. Everything is so smooth. I was hesitant at first but after I did it, I wish I had done it sooner!
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    It will speed things up but for me it wasn't worth the extra battery drain. Seems stable and you should be ok.
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    Is it safe in the long term to run at 1 Ghz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtcm05 View Post
    Is it safe in the long term to run at 1 Ghz?
    You answer that question. Is it safe in the long term to run a CPU with a stock speed of 600MHz, which has been underclocked to 500MHz by the manufacturer, at 1000MHz?

    Y'all need to realize that yeah, your phone's still running - the CPU doesn't just fizzle out and melt at higher speeds, but its overall life expectancy plummets. If the OMAP3430 is designed to survive, say, five years at 600MHz, that lifetime will go down dramatically at a Gigahertz.

    That said, the UberKernel/Govnah avenue is pretty brilliant in that you don't have to be running your phone at a constant clip of 1GHz; the screenstate governor (which is now the default, isn't it?) will clock your phone down to whatever you want, like the stock 500MHz when the screen is off, and will overclock it to a Gigahertz when the screen is on. If you have your phone on for a couple of days and check the time-in-state info in Govnah, you will see that your phone is at a Gigahertz maybe a quarter of the time, if not dramatically less - simply because your screen is off most of the time.

    If you expect to use your Pre for the next decade (and 90% of people on this forum seem to view phones as consumables to be discarded within a year, at risk of facing a negative impact on social status when people see them with an older, 'inferior' phone), don't overclock.
    If you expect to own it for two years until your contract lets you get a new one, there's a very good chance that your CPU will still live after that time if it's only been at 1GHz for 15% of its life.

    And just so everybody knows - webOS doctor won't help you with the warranty. Palm gets a log about your kernel version every day. So far, I'm not aware that anybody has had any problems returning their overclocked phones in the case of a problem, but so far, I'm also not aware of anybody's CPU frying. Palm also seems very cool about homebrew, and they may not want to check every warranty case's kernel version... but you should know that if they wanted to, they absolutely can void your warranty if you overclock.
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    Do it!!! You'll get a phone the way it was meant to be. If I didn't overclock mine, I would have been long gone. Thanks to all the members with their patches, apps and overclocking that have made this phone live up to its potential.

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    after you add the kernel then read up on changing the cpu voltage to save on battery power consumption and you will be amazed.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    How about battery life? My stock pre is a couple weeks old and it lives on the charger. Most of the day is spent streaming radio and a little internets over wifi (not 3G) and I cannot get thru more than 8 hrs. Anywho, my real question is: if I run 800MHz how much decrease can I expect in battery runtime? With screenstate, can you underclock to say 250Mhz when the screen is off to extend runtime?
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    I love overclocking but I only do it thanks to Govnah. I was hesitant about leaving mine in an overclocked state all the time, and i noticed that it seemed to get much hotter than usual when sitting on the touchstone. So now I just leave Govnah open and also leave the phone at 500 Mhz most of the time. If I know I'm about to run an intensive app or if I'm about to pause a game, open twitter, check an email, and reply to a text all at the same time, then I'll just flip it on 800 Mhz for that duration, then flip it back to 500 when I'm done. That might be unnecessary, but it eases my concerns and still gives me the benefits of overclocking.
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