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    My wife only checks her Yahoo email with her Palm Pre. The account got hacked and I've been searching this forum trying to find ways that it could have happened. My ideas:
    1. She got a virus on her phone. She says it has been slow and acting up the past few days.
    2. She downloaded an app that asks for a email and password somewhere. Maybe she gave them her yahoo email address and also just used her same password she uses for email.

    Any other ideas?
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    She could have replied to a message providing login info.
    If you reply to any e-mail requesting login info, it doesn't really matter where that message is sent from.
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    my guess is that she had a password that was easy to guess. I've seen a lot of this with yahoo users lately. they get hacked and start sending a virus to all the people in the yahoo address book.

    make sure she changes the password right away, and make it really complicated so they can't get back in. hopefully she has turned on the setting for saving a copy in the sent folder, so you can see who all they sent messages to...
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    Does she ever log in using an open wifi connection (like at a coffee shop)? Pretty easy to get accessed in placed like that if not careful.

    As cantaffordit said... Be sure the password is strong too!
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    Since palm has a very very low market-share I don't think it is 1 or 2.
    Maybe the password was to easy.
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    All e-mail accounts are hackable/compromiseable in countless ways. It's extremely unlikely your wife's Pre is to blame here.
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    There are many ways of how this could have happen. The thing is.. now that the email has been compromise.. she could do one are two options >(1) Change the password. (2) Change username and password. In these days your private information are so easily obtainable by others.. even when you try being extra careful. Ugh! :[

    Hope things work out for the best.

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    Leave the phone lying around? Have any kids?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPre View Post
    Leave the phone lying around? Have any kids?
    Ore a pet ;-)
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    My Yahoo account was hacked a few months ago but it was done directly to Yahoo, in fact they even managed to change my Password. I contacted Yahoo and they closed the account and gave me a new account with a new password. It was a hassle but now I can use my email again. At the time it happened I had my Yahoo email synced through gmail so I know it wasn’t my Pre Plus that was accessed by the hacker.

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    Leaving the phone lying around, I doubt that would be the issue... yahoo provides very little account level access from mobile portals. More than likely, as others have said... it was either an email she responded to... or she ended up trying to log into a spoof page instead of the real yahoo page.
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    a good spoof would be tough to spot on a phone, since the address is usually hidden. i can see how the screen size would maybe make it less noticable if something were to look a little fishy too.
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    FYI getting hacked in any account from a cell phone is easier than a computer. There was just a story about this on one of the major news shows.

    it has to do with the lack of security on the phone, no firewalls, etc.

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