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    ok so before i go to the store where they will give me troubles AS USUAL, and get my 5th or 6th (i lost count) replacement pre i want to make sure i have to.... ok here's the deal, my proximity sensor would work when ever it felt like it i thought it might have been the OC but it wasn't. so now it doesn't work at all BUT when i squeeze the top right of the phone i here a TINY click and it works i let go and it stops working... so basically i can have it pressed again my head doesn't work, put my hand over the phone doesn't work, place my thumb directly on the sensor still nothing i open the slider and squeeze HARD and it works (by it works i mean the screen turns off during a call). i also did the interactive test and it only vibrates when i SQUEEZE hard on the top right with the phone slider open. so if anyone have any good info please let me know. i have insurance but i try to avoid the repair centers at all costs.... they always say i have to pay this and that, i never end up paying but its such a hassle that i much much MUCH rather fix this my self if i can. also its annoying when i put up a call and forget to manually turn off the screen because my cheek will hang up or more annoying click over and call the same person im talking to so then i have to hang up BOTH calls because for some reason the pre isn't capable of hanging up ONE CALL! or click over and tell the person not to pick up OR do a conference call and it'll BEEP on their end and we both hear ringing.... /rant so please some one help THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    IMHO before you thin about another phone you should doctor back to factory fresh and see if it still has the problem. If it continues, it's time for another replacement.
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    Any chance the phone is kind of stuck in headset mode? Just a thought, but not sure if it could be causing this issue.
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    well i would fiest open the device info app and then open the drop down menu from top left and scroll down to tests and do the interactive tests and see if there is an issue and then do the quick tests and see what comes up.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    ive doctored already and nothing.... but then again it was SORTA working back then and no it isnt stuck on headset mode. i already tried the interactive tests but it doesn't say anything when i tap "no" when it asks me to put my hand over the device and see if it vibrates, it just go to the next step and say complete EVEN though the phone DOES NOT vibrate.... i hate the repair center lol

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