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    Hi all,

    My GSM Pre (1.4.5) has a weird issue. Please look at these ridiculous screenshots. You will notice two things:
    - There is no Sunday 16th this year.
    - The first shot (screenshot with entire week) does not show ANY appointments (they are shown in the swiping screenshot).

    In that week, I am unable to create any appointments, regardless of what account I create them for (usually Palm, but neither Google works). After entering the appointments and back-swiping to the calendar, the appointment is gone. This sucks, because I actually do have appointments that week and would like to get them in. I guess that's the point where I need to start Google Calendar, at least it saves my data.

    Has anybody of you experienced this? Any remedies? I figure it's my German config with the week starting on Monday (see swiping screenshot - an extra sunday inserted leading the new week, that will disappear when the swiping motion comes to a rest). OTOH, it happens only in October AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    <bump/> Anybody? Can you give me a hint for not staying shut out from using my calendar this month?
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    what are you syncing with? Google? Yahoo? Etc?
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    Hi Workerb33,

    I am usually synching with Palm, but have a Google calendar account as well. For this case, it doesn't matter to what profile I set the event, it will disappear after saving (or not be saved).
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    The same is happening to me. I don't have Google account, just my Pre Profile, and my Outlook profile created with Chapura Pocket Mirror.
    I create an appointment today, but after creating it, it will be shown yesterday with one our difference. Let's suppose I create an appointment today Saturday 09th at 13 PM, it will be shown yesterday 08th at 12 PM. That's very weird.
    My girlfriend Pre, which only have the Pre profile, will happen the same.
    I already tried that trick of changing to 31th December 2009 which I found in some forums, but I couldn't solve my problem. Any suggestions???

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