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    So I got my Pre about 2-3 weeks ago, and the first day the battery life was horrible. I mean it barely lasted about 6-7 hours. However, the the next day, I made some changes to the Pre and also let the battery die once, and now, the battery will last somewhere between 15-20 hours. HUGE improvement. Here are some of the things I did:

    -If your Pre has a new battery, first charge the phone to 100% when you receive the battery and use it until it's completely dead. Next, charge the battery back to 100% and you should see your battery life go up.
    -All my GPS features are off, including geo-tagging photos, auto-locate, and background data collection (I never use GPS). Also, some people may not know, if you go to the Location Services icon in the Settings page and click on the Preferences in the top left corner, and then Locate Me Using, I have Use GPS unchecked and Google Services checked. I think this had a major impact as well.
    -Now, this next thing deals with having Preware and a custom kernel. I got UberKernel and Govnah. I have my Govnah settings as such:
    -Profile: Screenstate 500/1000 and under the Advanced Settings I
    have the following:
    -CPU Frequency: Screenstate
    -Compressed Swap: Enabled with 24 Mb Swap
    -I/O Scheduler: CFQ
    -TCP Congestion: Cubic
    -I hardly use WiFi and am using 3G for the most part, however I'm usually in areas with pretty good Sprint coverage.
    -I also bought a new battery, but it was really a mistake, I really didn't need to. What happened was I got my phone and while the battery was awful, I bought the new battery and by the time I realized the things above, I couldn't return it.. But I would recommend getting a new battery, it really gives an extra amount of juice. I bought this battery here. It's great and works with Touchstone as well, however if you follow the above steps, it shouldn't be necessary.

    My phone gets a good amount of use too (maybe 3-4 phone calls a day, 50+ texts a day, LOTS of data use, good amount of gaming, news, etc.) and I can still easily get 15 hours at least now. Now, obviously I can't guarantee that anything above will work for everyone, but I thought with many complaints about the battery, I could try to contribute. Try them out, lemme know if they work.
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    While this thread may be repetitive, I feel that with a forum as large as this with a search engine that is less than perfect, I think it is OK to repeat posts that assist users in using and maintaining their phones. There are several topics that could use repeating from time to time as new users come online and need basic information about their devices.

    Back on topic, I have found that purchasing several touchstones and place them in my home, car and office, gives me a charging source at all of my normal locations.

    Thanks for the post!
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    I'll try anything that will give me more battery usage.(Risk Taker) Good Tip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spatel14 View Post
    I bought this battery here.
    A Seidio (cough, cough) 1350? There is a good chance you got ripped off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekker View Post
    A Seidio (cough, cough) 1350? There is a good chance you got ripped off.
    I just ran Dr. Battery on mine and it's getting a rating of 1356, so I think it's fine, and I mean I've noticed a difference in battery life as well.

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