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    Facebook | Carbon BETA | Messaging | Web | Useless Arrow
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    Weather icon, messaging, FB, Preware
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    What's on my wavebar, waves of course
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    _ _ /l\ _ _ An Arrow
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    youtube, email, browser, preware, and obviously the launcher
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    I put things on there I usually need to access in a hurry and with one hand while driving:

    -Google maps
    -Phone (opens to call log)
    -My sweet honey (Launch Point speed dial)
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    Google maps, bluetooth, dr podder, calendar
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    myFlashLight!, camera, calendar, calculator. I find that I don't need to put my most used apps on the wavebar, since I just keep those apps open anyway. But it's nice to have quick access to a light, camera, and calculator. Also, I use mode switcher to auto-launch brightness unlinked on reboot, and in car mode google maps, so I don't need quick access to those apps either.
  9. #69 dial... camera... facebook... launcher
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    Pandora, Agenda, LED Torch, Evernote, Launcher.

    When webOS 2.x hits, it will just be Pandora, Voice Dial, and Launcher.....
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    Phone, YouMail, Calendar, WeatherIcon,
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    Contacts, email, web and weather icon.
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    My wave bar is enhanced with glass effect of course. Currently seems handiest with: Memos, Frequent friend, calculator,sprint navigation, and the launch arrow.
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    Phone, Work Browser Bookmark, Angry Birds (Just bought it recently , need quick access ), The Weather Network Browser Bookmark, it isn't an arrow but it sure acts like one
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    FlickrCam | Messaging | Mail | Carbon | USELESS ARROW I WISH WE COULD REMOVE
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