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    I'm not sure if there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing but during the day sometimes, my phone will totally shut itself off and I have to totally turn it back on??
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    Usually, this is a result of the battery not being tightly fitted inside the batt compartment, hence, causing the phone to lose power. Also check if your batt is keeping its charge. Check dr. Battery out:
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    Are you overclocking at all?
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    would OCing cause anything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradenfontaine View Post
    would OCing cause anything?
    doubtful that OC would do that. It is likely a loose batery. I'll bet it generally 'shuts off' while in your pocket, right?

    if it's a loose battery, your carrier should swap your battery for you.

    the other thing about OC is that there is a heat limiter in the OC kernel that would shut your phone off if it got dangerously hot, like running all the radios together in your pocket, car dashboard, etc. Have you been getting heat warnings?
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    It will either be in my purse, or in my cup holder in my car, or sometimes just sitting on the counter?!?!?!?
    I'm not getting any type of heat warnings or anything???
    I took the back off and checked the battery to see if it was loose or anything. I will keep an eye on it...

    Thanks for all your help!
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    I guess i didnt read the OP's post closely enough....the issue would be that the phone would RESTART itself due to the fact that it couldnt handle the higher speeds not just shut down. Sorry.
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    My Pre started doing this, too, but only after I used a Samsung charger on it, when I couldn't find my charger. I'm just guessing, but maybe Samsung chargers charge at a different voltage rate and it's screwed up the battery or something else in the phone?

    I'm trading it in Saturday for a new one and I will never use anything but a Pre charger for it again, just in case.

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