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    When ever I open my camera all other apps close down.
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    When ever I open my camera all other apps close down.
    Interesting question.. I've never actually tried that before.. Until just now > I don't think it's possible though. Why? Maybe someone with knowledge of this might explain.
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    I would guess it is because the camera app needs the processor's full attention to perform acceptably.
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    also could be because you might switch to video capture mode in which case you probably don't want the mic picking up music from your phone while you are recording
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    the camera pauses the stock music player. There is a patch available that keeps videos playing when another app is in focus, and it might also work with the music player. Did the OP try that patch?
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    I used to be able to listen to music while using the camera, but that changed once they added the video capture function.

    It annoys me that I loose my music when I use my camera.
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    did you try the patch I mentioned? It's called 'no pause on video' or something like that.

    I assume the video camera uses the seaker as a microphone when recording, so the results could be a problem, but you cam try it without hurting anything.
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    There was a thread on this several weeks ago and HardBeatZ mentioned that Palm had been notified of this problem and it would be addressed in the future.


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