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    So I eBayed me a Pre today, figures new rumors would come out right after I did that. I wanted a used one so I could save my upgrade credit for some fancy new hardware. And I wanted to test the WebOS water. So hi

    I have a couple of questions

    What would be the best way to get my contacts onto the phone I shall be coming from Windows Mobile I would guess just a simple cvs file and then just add new pictures for everyone?

    What is better say the touch.facebook site or the facebook beta app?

    Oh and is there a remote desktop client that allows logging into Win7 preferable using the built in Win7 stuff.
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    Oh man, looks like you should have asked those questions before putting some money down.
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    Depends on what I am wanting to do on facebook. Some times I use the mobile site and sometimes I use the app and sometimes I use the full facebook site.

    Contacts I put all of mine in both gmail and yahoo and have them linked to the palm profile.

    As for Win7 I have no clue.
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    Why the fb one is just a which has better function. And the remote desktop isn't a deal killer by any stretch. I've wanted a Pre for a long time. If it turns out I don't like it and that is doubtful I am not out too much cash and still have my upgrade credit.
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    Hello, Noodlez.. Welcome to Pre|Central forum.

    The best way to do this is to create a Google account, and then sync your contacts with that account.

    Both are ok, it depends on which you prefer when you try each one out.

    Your last question... Would require someone with that knowledge.
    Best of luck with your phone. Have you check out preware yet? Read this:
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    The best option on the Pre for Remote Access, is to invest the 30 bucks for Classic, and another 25 bucks for EZ Remote, and its a piece of cake

    There is also VNC Remote, but I have not had good sucess with that and I dont want/need another app running on my PC

    I have used EZ Remote for years, back from Centro days, and with Classic app (Palm OS emulater), EZ Remote works like a charm
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