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    WebOS .jar file crashes seconds after I run it on my PC. Once I clear the windows error (just says illegal operation) I see a progress bar showing Novacom but hangs forever with a 100% progress bar. I have to use task manager to clear it. Rebooting XP does not help.

    However, if I go to Palms Rom page and directly run WebOS doctor from there, it works just fine. I have redownloaded webos doctor several times from the links found on the precentral forums. Any ideas?
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    well, just a few. First make sure you're running the latest version of java (i think it's 6u21 right now). I would also make sure that all windows updates are run (especially service pack 3) and that your anti-virus is up to date. I would then run piriform's Ccleaner to make sure it's not a registry setting or something cached in java (run both the registry part and the applications part). What anti-virus are you using?
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    It seem that you have a Antivirus protection that won't allow these type of applications to run on your PC. I'm running windows XP with the regular antivirus blocker with no problem.

    Try removing the Antivirus Protection for now.. If that's the problem.

    good luck.
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    lets figure out which one they're using first. No antivirus these days is a really bad idea.

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