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    I have dev mode enabled, UK instaled, but in Govnah when I select a profile (i.e. Screenstate 500/800) it stays on Palm default and doesn't allow me to change it. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Did you restart pre after you installed the UK?
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    I am not attempting to digress from the main post - but in my case I am running Screenstate 250/1G and sometimes I notice it goes back to default and I have to select the screenstate again. Is it related to the original post's problem? Yes, I did restart the pre after installing UK - for the most part Govnah shows it's running in the new screenstate, just sometimes when I feel the phone has slowed down or running too hot, I notice it is back to default.
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    This should be ask in the uberkernal thread... I'm sure someone will have the answer you're looking for.
    Ps. (You should delete and re-install the kernal)
    Good luck.

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