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    This just started happening out of nowhere, not sure why. I cant think of any changes made except that I just recently used headphone jack for the first time and when I took it out I was getting no audio from the ear speaker (turns out sometimes when you take the headphone jack out the phone doesnt realize its out and volume doesnt go back to ear speaker). Anyway thats fixed, but right around the same time I am having trouble keeping my phone in "sleep." When I place it on the charger it goes black and shows the time for a few seconds, and then goes back to the desktop as if I touched it, totally bypassing the unlock button even. And when its off the charger it does the same thing. Which means in my pocket I keep loading apps or making calls without noticing and its destroying my battery. Anyone else have a similar issue?
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    If you have any patch install...check if any is related to auto off while charging, or anything to that sort.
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    nope thats not it. nothing needs patched and I havent installed any new programs
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    ...then you have a faulty device. Take the phone in for repair or a replacement.

    ps. You can also run a webos repair utility to see if that corrects the issue.

    good luck.
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    I have this problem when on the charger because I have the "no auto-off while phone is charging" patch. The phone sometimes wakes up then doesn't go back to sleep. I often wake up to the phone at the lock screen on the Touchstone.
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    I got this when my power button went bad, it was sticking as if I were clicking it, all the time. May want to check that out, too.
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