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    This is a question about the charger part, not the cable. I am wondering if all transformers that have a USB output on them have the same output, thus can be safely used in conjunction with the Touchstone and/or the Palm Pre cable. I have a car charger that is basically a USB plug on the end of a "lighter" plug. Is it safe to use this to charge the Pre?

    Also there are several third party USB charging stations available. Are these all interchangeable/compatible as far as charging (not data transfer) the Pre?
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    i would not do this except with an oem (original equipment manufactured) equipment. there have been issues with non oem equipment causing the phone to touch itself all over like a ghost is touching the screen.
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    Yep! Have to agree with Shane here. There are many threads by people that were having odd problems and troubleshooting discovered they were using third part charging cables.
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    the palm branded chargers can be had on amazon for less than $10 delivered.

    most others don't put out 1A as the palm chargers do.
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    Some off brand chargers only put out about .25 Amps that will eventually charge your phone but it will take several hours. Palms 120VAC adapter and the Palm Mobil adapter have an output of 1 Amp to support the Touchstone. They will also charge your phone much quicker. You can find 1 Amp chargers but be sure to check the specifications before you purchase.
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