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    so yesterday my phone started acting all weird first it reset its self when it came back on the volume bar popped up and maxed out the volume and the bar wont go away and the volume key wont do anything to lower the volume. when i did a restart it went back to normal for like 5mins and it happened again..i do have some patches installed on it the: add date MM/DD, battery icon and percent, brightness in device menu, data in device menu, format app menu for adding date, reduce mun brightness, reset to middle page, and timestamps clean. should any of these patches cause that??

    also if i do end up needing to take my phone into Verizon should i take all the patched and preware off before taking it in?

    one last thing does preware/patches make the battery drain faster??

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    1. I suggest you call verizon support. Much more helpful than typical stores, who will try to sell you a droid.

    2. If you are taking it in, you should put the stock kernel back. Other stuff shoulnt matter.

    3. It's often helpful to run EFR to make sure things are healthy. If they are going to replace it anyway, doctor it to see if it helps, and to give them a stock phone. Make sure you use save/restore app and saved package list to make the transition easier.

    4. Very few patches could use battery - only if they provide an ongoing task. Howerver, most just change a look or behavior and don't affect battery.

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