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    Does the default web browser support Javascript. It is saying it either doesn't or it is turned off. It is turned on.. How do I get it to work properly?
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    Start the Web browser, pull down the menu from the upper left, choose 'Preferences', and 'Javascript' is about the 4th item down on that scene. It can be on or off.
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    I have done that.. It still won't load the websight..Is there another browser I can use on this phone
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    Maybe that specific website you're viewing is checking the user-agent string for your browse and it's not detecting that you are using either firefox or IE and so it's thinking your browse doesn't support it??

    Just a thought.. Any problem with other websites?
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    What is the "websight" you're trying to connect to?

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    I think he trying to access a flash video/program. Webos does not offer flash yet. . . Probably never.
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    Then he'd be getting a warning that he doesn't have the latest version of flash installed.
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    I was trying to set my NFL picks on Fox Sports Pro Pickem.. I was getting the message " windows live ID requires JavaScript to sign in, This web browser either doesn't support Javascript or scripts are being blocked" For what ever reason it goes thru Windows live to access this webpage.. I donot have any issues with loging in to windows live and checking email..

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