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    When I reply to or create a new email on my pre (current os), I get a new card that won't allow me to enter to:, subject: or body: info. The card has no text on it.The paperclip and the airplane icons are displayed and available. There is a white area where the subject should go but nothing on the card is usable.

    Rebooting didn't work. At one point, after I added a new email account, the problem was fixed, but now it's happened again. I tried removing and adding accounts and nothing helped.
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    Hmm! Removing and adding back email didn't work, neither rebooting. You could use webos repair utility and see if that help. You're last trouble-shooting would be to visit the doctor. Webos doctor versions(Webos Internals) Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals.

    Good luck. :-D

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