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    hello every one,

    I was so anxious and interested until I got my palm pre plus (Unlocked) form ebay,it was 1st activated in USA by the sailer, when I got it was working very well till I put my SIM card and while I'm dialing a message appears telling me that I must restart the phone to sign in to my profile, and here the problem began,
    After it got restarted and the SIM card is inserted it shows this message:

    And it never leave the screen whether I select Just Restart or Erase Data.when I press one of these buttons the screen become gray after that nothing happen for several hours. however, when dialing the emergency number the dialer card dose appear I tried to call my friend and indeed i can call the others. nothing can be done except calling someone.

    when I removed the SIM card and turn on the device it just show me the instruction of inserting the SIM and the battery.

    So can I use WebOSQuickInstall or webOSDoctor to restore the phone to it's factory default. of so how can I do that?

    I really believe that you will help me
    I'm so sorry because of my poor English.and the HUGE image.


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    please help I don't know where I will go if the people in this forum did not help me.
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    heres the instructions for webosdoctor:

    I would follow that and doctor the phone, then try your sim again afterwards. Hope this works
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    where is the OP located, and what carrier is the SIM card for? That might help someone with unlocked phones help you.
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    so how can I create a new profile if my palm dose not recognize the internet that i'm using
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    thank you all so much
    I have to tell you that the problem was because the SIM card has no access to the internet means 0MB
    I changed it with a charged SIM and now it works grate.
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    GFN... You and Workerb33 are a miracle workers I'd hit the thanks button for you guys, but I'm on the mobile site. Sorry!

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