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    i just bought a brand new in box pre. so looks like im coming back!

    should be here by mon or tues.
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    cannot wait to dump my hero and overclock the pre to 1ghz.
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    Price vs value for the Palm Pre when combined with homebrew and that WebOS 2.0 is coming out soon.

    Basically, the phone is the cheapest available in its class, and when you use the many patches, overclock to 1GHZ and the many homebrew apps you are getting a phone that is almost like the more recent expensive phones.

    Also, think of it like buying low and selling high: right now there isnt much interest in buying a Palm phone with WebOS 1.4.5, but when WebOS 2.0 drops with new hardware, they will be much pricier.

    You can buy with 1.4.5 now on a Pre on the cheap, and then update to WebOS 2.0 for free in a couple months.

    Think of it like a good return investment.
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    I can give you more than a million reason...where do you want me to start from? :-D:-D
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    User Test Conclusion.

    Pre user : one year with Sprint. Wife and I got it together.

    Evo user: three days. Wife still uses Pre.

    try putting the Evo in your hand and work through all of the features like you did with your Pre when you first got it and just play with it. *now, get the Pre and use it. *cough..this is my results.

    1. 52" plasma HD vs.13" tv
    2. DSL vs Dial up
    3. BMW 7 SERIES vs Mini COOPER

    get the picture? The Pre WAS a cool phone. The only thing I miss is the multiple cards but its easily forgotten with other full option gadgets and widgets. This phone will make you feel like you own it. Good luck Pre or should l say HP. Another one bites the dust.
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    I think "Give Me One Reason" by Tracy Chapman should be the running theme song for webOS until we get new hardware
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    Let me say that i just bought a pre plus on verizon, using a one year contract upgrade. While, initially, the build quality was a little disappointing, i found that this is an amazing device. not only did i buy the GRT case, which alleviated the creaking my phone made, but i also installed preware, which i used to put a 3g radio toggle in my device menu, which made the battery life just outstanding.

    Yes, I know the hardware is a little old, but I discovered the I wanted the software MUCH more than the hardware. Of course I came from a Storm, so i may have been a little influenced there lol. I love all the little details that went into the making of the Pre and WebOS, and it amazes all the friends and family i show it to. They don't even know its an old phone.

    If you like the pre, and can get it cheap, i say go for it. I'm glad I did.
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    great weekend, i bought a new palm pre.. will be here tuesday.

    sold my hero and made my $$ back, then some.

    bought a phantom skinz, 1400mAh extended and a body glove case for the pre.

    im excited to be coming back to webos. cannot wait to overclock this baby to 1ghz.
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