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    As the title suggests i read somewhere that the Battery % in the Device Menu actually drains the battery faster.

    Apparently this is because in order to post the battery %, the battery % needs to be constantly checked and therefore it drains battery from the constant polling.

    I am just asking for someone to verify this? Or is it negligible.

    I am curious because while I have my Pre pimped out, my sister has a Pre too, but she wants her battery to last as long as possible.

    I am wondering if (ontop of the 30 or so other things to save battey life) if by using a device menu patch that removes the battery percent, it will save power.

    Or is it nothing to lose sleep over?

    Please someone let me know.
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    don't lose Zzzz over that
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    Battery drain varies. Anything that use battery power, also drains battery power. As for the battery monitory > you don't really need it? You can monitor your battery by getting one of the batt percent patch in preware. Note:Any patch, or app that runs in the background consumed more battery power.
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    to the OP, that patch only changes the visual appearance of something the phone does anyway, so there should be no impact on battery life.

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