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    I want to go to verizon and see if they will replace my battery for me. However, I am patched up like crazy. I am definitely going to remove UK and govnah, but do you think I will run into trouble having patches on there?
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    you should be fine. you might want to remove any theme you are using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    you should be fine. you might want to remove any theme you are using.
    You may be right, but the fact that we have to fear repercussions for having LEGAL patches on the phone is ridiculous. Especially if they have nothing to do with your problem.

    It's like having a health insurance company deny your claim for medical treatment just because the height listed on your application is off by a few inches. (Oh wait... they can already do that. Nevermind)

    Is it a Verizon policy, or just dumb salespeople, or both?
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    not sure what having patches has to do with your loose/faulty battery issue, but if you really are that concerned then run the EPR & just visit the "Doctor" before going.
    When I took my wonky Pre into Sprint I didn't remove anything until they had decided to give me a new phone. At that point I did a full erase in store.
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    they wont bother the OP, it's just better if you don't draw attention to it.
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    just sent my pre + back due to a bad external speaker. Forgot to run doctor. Hope they don't notice the UK/patches...

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