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    This is a request for a Multi-Purpose Scanner App

    The "Multi-Purpose Scanner App" would provide users with a suite of scanning tools & utilities to scan the following:
    * documents, books, photos (i.e., any type of paper media), business cards
    * use as a barcode reader
    * scan fingerprints
    * dynamic adjustment of any image (resolution, color/contrast)
    * save as OCR for text, Word document, PDF file, image file, vCard (business cards)
    * import/export to PC, OTA, Web
    * cloud storage/archive
    * send as attachment via email, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, etc.
    * everyone will benefit from the Scanner App including: security personnel, news reporters, insurance investigators, personal records (ex. birth certificate, license), etc.

    Disclaimer: Apologies to the moderators if similar scanning apps already exist in the PreCentral Forums. However, I'm not sure if a multi-purpose scanning suite exists. Thank You.
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    I believe the reason no one has really done this was because the Pre/Pixi don't have auto-focus cameras. But this would certainly be something to work on for future hardware that will hopefully have an auto-focus camera.
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    Yes macro pics are tough on the Pre/Pixi because of the fix focused camera.
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    So is this because the camera can't auto focus, or because there is no software API for the camera to do auto focusing? My girlfriend got the HTC Aria, and that can auto focus like a champ (but doesn't have a flash)!

    I'm sure this has been asked before... but it makes sense in the context of the original post.
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    It's a physical limitation. The camera is fixed-focus.
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    WebOS device cameras currently SUCK way tooo much for a scanner app to be of any real use.

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