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    Is there any way to re-flash a palm pre that has been flashed to verizon back to sprint? Someone is selling a palm pre but it's been flashed to verizon. Got the ESN number from this person and called sprint to check whether or not this phone has been lost or stolen and it hasn't. Any ideas?
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    Couldn't you do this by following the reverse steps of creating a Pre+ on Sprint?
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    I'm not sure...doesn't look like any hardware was modified...hmmm
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    Right...just throw out the hardware mod stuff and dive right into the software mod. Anybody else who might be able to confirm or deny this?
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    do you think a webos doctor would work just fine?
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    Well they cautioned strongly against doing that when reprogramming the Pre+ from Verizon to Sprint after all the hardware mods so I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe talk with one of the really helpful gents in that thread.

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