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    Just curious as to if anyone knows a way to fix this. I'm noticing today that my volume button seems to be glitching. The display showing the volume level won't go off unless I hit the button on the bottom of the phone (that switches the view to show you all the aps you have open) and then it only vanishes for half a second making it very difficult to access anything. I try to turn the power off but after hitting the power button, it does nothing. I removed the battery and restarted it that way (tried pressing out on the volume button, not removing it but just trying to get it unstuck if that's the case, and back in) this fixes it for a few minutes but then when I open the keyboard it comes back and will either turn the volume all the way off or all the way up and then it is stuck again. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work properly again I would greatly appreciate it.

    -Seems to be coming and going now without me restarting it in anyway. Maybe it will fix itself.
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