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    ok guys,

    I'm looking for some advise please, I'm looking to buy a pixi plus for my primary device instead of my pre.

    I just want better build quality, themes and some apps, not fussed about games, just tethering mainly.

    so basically can the pixi plus do this?
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    I have a Pixi Minus and my main issue is the lack of Wifi. Other things that bug me are the lack of support of some apps for the Pixi and the slower speeds.

    I would have to say that the build quality of the Pixi is excellent, can't compare it to the Pre cause I don't have one, and the keyboard is excellent.

    I'm not really into themes but the few I have tried work fine.
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    I will probably add preware, mobile hotspot, uberkernal, and govnah to my wife's pixi plus tonight and see what other apps are compatible with it. I will inform you of my results tomorrow.

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