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    Hi there

    Thought I would post a question, I am currently a android 2.1 dell streak user who was previously a 3gs user but wanted to escape the warm waters of apple to join android. However, I find the android thing totally swollen with half arsed programmers and apps that may work and may not. Anyway I am currently selling my dell and wondering should I back peddle and go to webos with a palm pre plus that has been offered to me for 130 quid.

    Important things:
    Audio book reader
    Music player
    excellent call quality (both droid and apple are not so good)
    and just a better user experience.

    I will of course do the 1.4.5 and Govnah upgrade, just looking for opinions.

    p.s. selling for 300 quid dell, that is
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    I don't think we currently have an audio book reader on webOS phones( I really don't know tho), however the rest is all good.

    My question to you would be. Can you go from a 5in screen to a 3.1in screen? I think it would not be an easy switch.
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    good point about the screen, and that is something which I have been debating. However the form factor of the dell is great but the scratch magnet factor is too great for this phone. I do enjoy reading on the device that is true but i use regular paper to read my articles from. I have come to realise that form and function are more important than latest and greatest. The android thing really is lacking, I mean if I came straight from nokia to android then great but I came from nokia, apple, android and I think I will probably end up going the apple route again. I mean there ebook reader is ace, music player is beyond brilliant, but the deivice is a poor phone.
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    Thats because the Dell Streak is meant to be a tablet first and phone second unlike the rest of the Android if you want a phone buy a phone and not a tablet.

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