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    Ok I've had my pre plus for about 3 weeks now, and I LOVE it, besides just a few things that I hope you guys can help with.

    1) I CANNOT SEND OUTGOING EMAILS. This is with my gmail and me AOL. I have deleted the email and reinstalled it, tried the different security things and it will not send. I get the "error sending ".........." "message. How can this be fixed?! I know people have the same trouble but none of their advice seems to remedy my problem.
    2) On my BB curve I could go to my BB button, go to select, and highlight anything i wanted in a webpage and copy and paste it to maybe either send as a mms or post to FB, or do whatever I want with it, is there anyway to do this on the pre? I know you can do it when you have a type cursor available, but anyway for all the other stuff?
    3) MY BATTERY SUCKS! seriously, with my playing angry birds or super jump I get about 2 hrs out of a full charge, I've tried to run the battery dr, but it fails everything at either 98% or 99% and I think becuase although my battery says 100% on Battery Dr and on battery Monitor it says its only 98%.

    Besides these 3 things i LOVE LOVE LOVE this little bugger! WebOS is soooo user friendly and sexy and the phone itself is awesome. The community is also the #1 reason i picked the pre +. Thanks guys.
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    shift+tap selects. you can copy from the app menu or hit orange+v to paste

    battery is a problem, especially when you hammer the 3g radio to surf or play games like angry birds.

    get an external charger and spare battery, or an extended battery. especially get a couple of extra touchstones so you can grab charge time whenever possible.

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