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    Hi Guys

    I got my first palm pre yesterday after having mulled over all the other handsets. I have previously owned the htc legend, nexus one, hd2, and xperia x10 mini.

    I bought my handset off which was advertised as being unlocked as my carrier is vodafone uk and not O2.

    Putting my sim card in the phone worked straight away but was on os 1.4.0 as opposed to 1.4.5

    I posted yesterday and was kindly helped by a few people. One person who stated the obvious lol and he was write.

    This message is really for anyone in the uk who has bought an unlocked pre from Look up webos doctor 1.4.5 for the eu gsm pre(o2) and install.
    It worked like a charm. My phone is still unlocked!
    Instead of a 140 apps to choose i now the whole catalogue.

    I am also installing preware as i type this email. This forum has been amazing. I chose the pre as i loved all the information and the help provided by members of this forum. My handset bar not sounding the daily alarm works flawlessly. I'm going to install uberkernal tonight to see how it goes. I've never had to tinker with any of my phones like this but its easy and exciting as well.

    But most of all many thanks to everyone who tried helping this brit make his not so functional phone (i was mainly after angry birds!!!)fully functional.

    Mits )))))
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    Glad to hear you like your new phone,
    I'm still like a kid with a new toy more than a year on.
    The pre is the only phone i've been like that with.
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    "My handset bar not sounding the daily alarm works flawlessly."

    Have you made sure that 'Play alarm anyway' is set to yes in the 'Clock' Preferences? This should then play the alarm even if the phone is muted. Other simple things to try are make sure you actually have the alarm to occur 'daily' and don't forget you can set loads of alarms. I personally have 2 alarms set daily, just in case I hit dismiss instead of snooze, to avoid that problem. Another set up for my days off and whenever I need one for something else I set another up instead of changing the time on an existing alarm.

    (I hope this is helpful and not to basic, I know you have a wealth of smartphone experience but only 2 days on webOS, don't mean to dumb it down or state the obvious)
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    Thanks for the help! Changing those alarm settings helped a great deal. I'm not very good with the basics but very good at jumping in at the deep end lol. My phone is now 99.99% faultless. Battery a minor issue but i now have touchstone chargers at home and work which means no battery issue anymore. I'm actually liking the keyboard as well. My fingers have finally got used to it and i can bash out emails at ease and my spelling is a hell of a lot better as well. I retrieve my email manually now as opposed to at regular intervals which has helped save my battery a lot. Pre signal is also very good. I get a signal at work where i could never recieve them in my previous phones.

    Preware is amazing. I never realised how many patches were available and it has immensely helped with my phones performance.

    I'm currently have:

    Uberkernal & Gonvah set @ 800/500 mhz
    Angry Birds !! (totally addictive)
    Backgrounds (this app has some fantastic wallpapers to apply to the phone)
    Beat Box (cool app)
    Blades Of Fury (i've been looking for a beat-em-up for ages, it runs smooth)
    Defend (addictive old school shooter)
    Engadget (tech site app which is how i got into the pre)
    FFplayer (supports gapless playback which is awesome for running)
    Jogstats (Found the gps pretty accurate)
    NOVA (amazing fps on the pre)
    Need for speed underground (runs pretty fast and a good game)

    PREWARE (everyone should download this jem of an app):
    Patches installed:
    4x5 app launcher (more icons and yet still easy to launch them)
    enter button to start new line in messaging (fixed my sending messages half complete problem).
    Short Cut to developer mode icon in launcher (not used as yet but good to know i dont have to keep entering a code to get into again)
    GPS toggle in connections drop down list (a little redundant as my apps ask for location services but its good i have access to it regardless).

    RISK (old school world domination game)
    Speed Forge Extreme (not played yet but the reviews were good)
    Stardust (Pretty game kinda therapeutic using multitouch)
    Visual Boy Advance (+roms off the interent = mario kart!!)

    I've also managed to install about 5 gigs worth of music as well.

    I actually get a days worth of moderate use out of the phone. Having the screen off when using jog stat and the music player helps as well. I havent noticed any slowdowns or restarts as yet but in truth i only multitask between 3-5 apps and most ofthe time i close them anyway which i guess might help with the battery.

    Have just sourced a palm pre plus on the internet for my other half who has been quite taken with the phone as well. I might have to tweak that one and give her the pre. More space is always welcome and at least i know what to installl and how to go about it. I now know more about the innards of this phone than any previous phone. The forum posts are great.

    Cant wait for the next gen palm devices when they arrive. I just pray that they'll let us purchase them sim free and unlocked to any network when they do. They'd probably sell so many more.

    I've had quite a few smart phones and i'm coming from a google nexus one which is an awesome phone in its own right. Its just a little restricted and not as full to play with as the pre. I've only had this phone a week but with the amount of software and patches being introduced it'll be an even more amazing phone a few months down the line!!


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