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    I get an error every time I fire up MHS and connect with packet forwarding and nat enabled in free tether. It says my provider doesn't allow connection sharing. Not a problem except that it then kills my data connection. I can only get it back after I close out MHS.

    How do I stop this from happening?
    What file do I need to edit to disable dhcp requests from the wifi interface? I want to set a static address on that interface. That way I can atleast try and set up the network correctly. If I need to setup a dhcp server on that interface, how would I do that?

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    Turn off Bluetooth.
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    Working now. I have to wait a few minutes for the data connection to turn back on, but it does work. I just have to be more patient. I am even keeping my BT on right now (using mhs to post) but it wont connect to my gigaset. Not a big issue.

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