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    25th in line Day 1 owner. Original phone never booted, so got my replacement on day 1 also! been waiting for more medical apps, but finally getting better. I wear it naked in my front pocket from the start; no scratches but USB crack and both bottom corners cracked. Never dropped. Overclocked since the first kernels became available. Love the webOS experience, with homebrew making it better and better. My deepest gratitude to all of PreCentral!
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    Day 1 on Sprint, on my 3rd Pre since July 09.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hrdcamjc View Post
    Day one Pre owner, Wendy has lived from June 5ish 2009 and is still alive today lol. though i can see no more signs of newness.. and she is getting wrinkles on the sides etc lol.
    What a nice name for your constant companion! (Sorry, I immediately thought of " ?".)
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    Former owner of June 06, 2009 Pre. Finally gave up on Palm and the Pre and purchased an HTC EVO. Sold the Pre for $150.00. Couldn't be happier. My wife still has her June 06, 2009 Pre. It's sitting in a box on the kitchen counter as she also moved over to the EVO. She also couldn't be happier.

    How did you go about wiping all of your information off of the pre prior to selling it?
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    I was first in line for a launch day Sprint Pre and it is still going strong. I've got the upgrade itch, but there is still nothing out there that I'd rather have.
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    not day one, took about a month until i was able to get mine(sprint). the pre sold well in my area used to see them around all the time now its either evos or sprint galaxy s. sprint is by far the best carrier here. my phone is beat up. the halfs are abit loose, the screen has some scratchs, the usb cover is long gone. i havent traded it in because its rooted, i use it to tether my home computer, overclocked to 1Ghz and generally working the way i want. im waiting to see if "mansion" is real.
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    Day 1 purchaser here, but on Pre #4. I was pretty picky about each one though, because I know once you get a drop or ding your chances of getting a Sprint replacement go way down.
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    Sprint launch day Pre replaced for broken power button last November.

    "Upgraded" to a new Pre (free offer from HP) last month and gave old Pre to my wife. She had a BB Pearl, so she is really starting to love the Pre.

    Now, just trying to use will power to not buy PreDuex at full price if it actually comes out before upgrade eligibility comes in April.
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    June 6, 2009 Pre owner, went to mall at 4:30 a.m. and was only person in line (small town).
    There's a small chunk of plastic missing near the USB door and a small hairline crack on the opposite side, but the screen is OK.
    Knock on wood, it'll get me to April 2011 when I'm eligible for my upgrade and a new Web OS phone.
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    Day 1 owner #57 in line... Lost the usb door after 2 months in use (haven't missed it since). Had a little oreo but fixed that with a piece of tape. It's still running fine.

    Bought the wife a pre after about 2 months. She's had to replace it about 5 times for various problems, so she keeps me busy re-patching her phone to the latest and greatest homebrew.
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    Just ordered mine. Have an upgrade and it seemed like the best option. I'm soooo done with BB. It should be here friday.
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    My wife and I both got our Pre on Verizon's launch day. Hers is her 2nd (cracked screen during first month); mine is original. Both seem perfect, no oreo, no missing usb doors, no real nicks or scratches. Both have worked nearly flawlessly from the getgo. I did drop mine once and it developed a hitch in the slider movement, but that fixed itself after about a week. Both are overclocked and patched amply. We both love them. What can I say?
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    June 6, 2009 owner, still on my original. Battery is getting tired now and I have a USB crack that has stopped at the screen, thankfully. I'm going to try to keep it until next summer.
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    Sprint launch day Pre, still running fine.
    Palm IIIx-->Palm Vx-->Kyocera 6035-->Kyocera 7135-->Treo 650-->Treo 700p-->Pre
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    Launch day Sprint Pre, still going strong here. No cases or protectors, so I've got a nasty scratch on the screen but other than that no issues.
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    Got mine on day 1 a little beat up but still kicking (with bunch of patches too), my wife different story on her 3rd!

    Waiting for the Super phone!
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