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    Day 1 on Sprint and no regrets
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    Got mine it december. Replaced it back in June. Still running strong!...Well, apart from a couple of cracks. Its running strong. Till the new phone comes out.
    If you want to buy a Palm Pre is great condition. Here's your chance.
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    Day 1 owner, present.
    Tweaked and overclocked. Still loving it. Usb covering gone. Some scratches on edges of touchstone cover. Slight discolored spot in icon 1 slot, in visible on white background/browser load *day 1* but didnt bother me too much and it worked find. Applied bodyguards top screen protector 2nd week in and havnt taken it off since.
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    Day 1, 10th Pre, Sprint, Loving It!
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    Day 3 Bell Canada owner (had to drive 2 hrs to nearest Bell store).
    One replacement.
    Still stoked!
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    imma 669 head also... day one babay!!

    but im on my 6th fone....

    patiently waiting on webos 2 and gonna still wait that 12 month windowfor da new hardware..

    webos faithful
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    day 1 on Sprint - however third Pre is falling apart, usb crack, usb connector came out no way to charge via usb, volume buttons dont work... trying to hold on for Pre 2 don't want to spend insurance money for replacement - am eligible for upgrade
    Treo 600 650 700p 800w Pre
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    I have had 2 phones and my son (another day one purchase) has had 2 as well. A key did not work on my first and my son had the usb crack. What has really bothered me lately has been lacksadaisical programming. In the 1.4.5 release pdf files can no longer be read. They call it a rendering error, but it is infuriating not to be able to use it. On the palm site they still advertise as if pdf files can be read, which does not appear to be true. The other day I found another wild programming glitch. I have two friends, each in a different city. They have the same phone number with different area codes. The phone in receiving calls from one mistakes it for the other and pops up the wrong picture info. I chatted with palm, but their first move is to think it is something wrong with the input of info into contacts. The second person with the number was not in contacts when the problem arose for the first time. I think the programmer decided to be lazy and only key in the last 7 digits. So much for having 10 numbers. I wonder what other corners they snip and whether webos2 will be not rushed, but sloppy. Sloppy can take a long time. Just look how long 1.4.5 took.
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    should be a poll - so we could total up the launch day Pre owners and who many have needed to be replaced, (... and, how many times.)

    Launch day Pre owner here - 4th Pre refurb 1st keyboard failed after 10 months, then 2 back to back touch screen failures within 3 weeks, ...have had the 4th about 2 months with no problems...

    Bring on the New -Pre and a webOS PalmPad w/ 2.0 ;-)
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    Original release day Sprint Palm Pre. A few dings from being dropped, a broken power button fixed using the balloon trick and working perfectly. Holding out for the New Palm phone. Hoping it comes sooner rather than later.
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    Day 1 Pre owner, though I'm now on my fourth replacement. Still wouldn't leave WebOS, though...this OS is the best out there.
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    Day 1

    Pre #6

    Still enjoying my Pre and the community that goes with it.. .
    Everybody wants some!..
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    Well I think it has a lot to do with how you treat your phone....
    Sprint Palm Pre/Verizon Pre Plus On Sprint/Sprint Pixi Hybrid with WIFI
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    Still have my Sprint launch day Pre, 4th one out from that store. Small usb crack naturally, and the button has lost most of its coating, but works like a champ with no oreo issues.
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    day 1 owner here also. I was on my original pre until 2 weeks ago. When the crack from the usb cover spider-webbed the entire screen. And i was not going to pay 100 dollars for a refurb, so i was this close to getting an evo. luckily my cousin who moved on to an evo from his pre let me have his haha
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    day 1 canadian user here. Little chipped on the side but still works like a charm
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    Still #1 from day #1 but since in Germany from October 09.
    I testet 10 devices in the shop and took the best one ;-)
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    im a day one owner who recently had to replace to my 2nd pre.. I did well over a year so im close if that counts for anything... prob not #shrug
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    Quote Originally Posted by chichi View Post
    im a day one owner who recently had to replace to my 2nd pre.. I did well over a year so im close if that counts for anything... prob not #shrug
    @chichi, Every story is interesting. Nothing is black and white! Those of us who posted slightly divergent stories (even if we don't "qualify" to what the original post asked) are certainly providing useful information about how our phones (as a whole) are holding up.
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Day one Pre owner, Wendy has lived from June 5ish 2009 and is still alive today lol. though i can see no more signs of newness.. and she is getting wrinkles on the sides etc lol.
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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