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    6/6/09 pre, went to Evo and back to my baby.
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    Do I count? I got mine back in Dec lol and had it since then.
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    Just replaced my July 2009 Pre. It was running great, but after several hard drops to the concrete garage floor, it was pretty dinged up and I couldn't take looking at it any longer.

    Was very tempted by the EVO. Played with it in the store, but in the end, I just went with another Pre - saving my upgrade rebate for a later date.
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    Does it count if I am still using the same shell? swapped out the motherboard and radio a few times to do experiments on(have a box full of killed specimens/old boards) my OEM day one housing is the last of my PRe housings but it still looks new, along with the plastics on the screen. oddly it runs pretty slow for some reason.
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    Still on my original Pre, although it was a few weeks after launch day that I was elgible for upgrade.
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    On 3rd Pre. Bought 1st on Launch Day.
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    Yes, still have my Day 1 Pre. The power button's broken and the charger cover is gone, but it's still trucking. Just dropped it the other day and it didn't miss a beat.
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    Hey everyone, I just got the Pre and since Sprint is stingy I can't activate it until the 5th (not too long thankfully) because that's when the new billing cycle begins. I agreed on it because I like that it is small so I ordered it. Then I saw a bunch of reviews from people saying they hate it. I'm glad to see that everyone has had theirs for such a long time with no problems because I had a Palm Treo 650 back in the day and I LOVED it that's another reason I wanted the Pre. So thank you for making me feel better about the purchase because it was NOT a cheap one!!
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    Sprint launch day Pre here, one crack next to the USB door, one crack on the right bottom corner, the inner piece of plastic that holds the USB door hinge chipped off, too. Plus oreo twisting of over 1.5mm. Contacted Sprint twice, Palm once about all this, they all said "it doesn't affect functionality". Gave up when my warranty expired. Thus still on my first and only Pre. In a way, the people who got multiple exchanges for the cracks are really lucky for getting accommodating customer reps.

    Software is great, kept it at 500MHz, but needs Compcache on for it to work smoothly. With the stock kernel, I have to reboot every day for it to do anything other then make calls.

    Crappy plastic and insufficient memory of this Pre are the main reasons I will get the next new webOS device that's on Sprint.
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    I'm on Pre #4. My launch day Pre and Pre #2 "died" as a result of a picture from my 755P that would lock the Pre up completely when transferred over. This was unfortunate as Pre #2 was perfect, I didn't figure out that the picture was the problem until Pre #3, and webOS Doctor wasn't around yet. Pre #3 got the cracks from the center button, so I'm on Pre #4 now. I've beat this one up pretty good, but it's running fine. Like someone earlier, I haven't had to pay for any of the replacements, so I'm not complaining too much.
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    Sprint Launch Day Pre for me, still use it everyday, missing the usb cover but everything is working, it just takes 9 minutes to reboot. Now the family all have either Palm Pre's or Pixi's.
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    Am a "day 3" (-ish) user. Got mine on the 8th or 9th IIRC. On the second one.

    #1 had a "warped battery" from the heat, so they sent me a refurb back in Sep 09. Haven t had any problems with the refurb.

    I'm just wishing I could get it to run faster. I'm kinda afraid to dig in the guts of the thing to get it some power/OC it/whatever.

    Sure wish I could find a local Pre Users Group that meets regularly (or semi-regularly).

    Love My Pre
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    I still have my Day 1 Pre.. Love it, no issues, just jonesin to get a new Webos Phone. This is the longest Ive ever had a phone and I am starting to get bored.

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    Owned since day one but ran over day one phone with power seat two months into ownership. Replacement holding up strong (cept for usb door)
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    Still on my original Pre. Got it the week after it came out because they were backordered and the day I went to pick it up, the power was out and they couldn't do anything. But I've still got it. It's got one or two nicks and I've got the USB crack too, but that happened in the last week. Every now and then when I switch it to vibrate it goes crazy and vibrates randomly for a couple of minutes, but it's not a major issue and usually corrects itself. Can't wait for the next one to come out.
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    Still using tweeked to the max launch day Pre. Never dropped it once but have a crack from USB that's now creeping onto the screen (starange since I never use the port) and another at about 7 o'clock...hope it holds up til HPalm launches their next piece of work on Sprint. Tempted to just spend the $100 ins. and get a new one...should I?
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    Got my pre day one of release here in the UK, it's tweaked to the max as well, just bought a pixi plus cuss my pre's hardware is falling apart so whilst the insurance sorts that out, I have a webOS device to play with!

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    day 1 here.. on 2nd insurance replacement, 1st cracked screen from usb door ... 2nd was last week daughter dropped it in mt. dew!
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    Bought 3 on day 1...and of those three, two have been multiple times. None of the issues were minor. Example - last replacement was due to the fact that the two sliding halves of the phone separated...completely (other than the ribbon cable).

    Asurion has been our friend.
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    Still using my launch-day Sprint Pre, now at 800 MHz with lots of patches. Months ago, I had to fix a broken power switch, and the USB port cover is long gone. But those are minor issues.
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