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    Day 1 owner here. Lost the USB door a few months ago, power button failed 2 months ago but works with piece of paper in button slot, some oreo effect as well. Small crack at USB door but hasnt reached my screen fortunately. My speaker and mic cut out in calls if the slider is in the wrong position. Overclocked to 1ghz with Thunderchief. Stock battery's starting to show some serious wear too. Cant wait for a new phone but I still love this one!
  2. #42 about a day 2 Pre owner? My day 2 Pre took a drop from about 16 inches that cracked and disabled half the screen. My refurb replacement is a hundred times better! No oreo and much less lag. Still a Pre lover! Can't wait for the future!
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    Ummm did not get Pre on day one, had to wait 3 weeks for my upgrade to be valid, but I got my pre in July 2009, and have never looked back. Still have the same lovely phone I got that day!

    This is by FAR the most fun, most functional, most exciting phone/hand held device I have ever had.

    I had that tiny power button issue, that Spint fixed for free in 20 mins, and other than that no issues for me.

    The whole homebrew experience has been just beyond words BLAST and being part of this community had made every day a new fun, learning, sharing experience.

    it just keeps getting better and better!

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    I guess I have to be AWOL from the roll call. My launch day Pre lasted for 9 months before the USB crack affected the digitizer. My replacement refub had a flaky speaker which I used for about 4 months before it konked out completely. The refurb that replaced the flaky second one has (and will continue) to be solid (forever, I can tell!).

    In "spirit" I feel solidarity with you launch day owners still on original hardware. It's really nice to read through this thread and see who's been able to legitimately "answer the call"!
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Launch Day hardware here too. I've dropped it a lot so it's a bit dinged up, but still running like a champ.
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    Launch day owner here, my "o" doesn't always work, chipped off a good chunk when I dropped it while calling for help when had a bit of a road accident a week ago. Some scratches that have accumulated dirt so they're thin black lines on my screen, USB door gone for at least 4 months now. Using the mute switch on my phone gives it a slight seizure where it quickly jumps back and forth between mute modes. But still kicking.
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    Got mine day 1 and looks new. Put a new back cover 2 months ago. I'll keep it until the new one arrives.
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    I was 1st in line to get mine on launch day and still have the original. Running fine, OC'd and lots of patches. Have USB crack, but it hasn't spread and still looks pretty good. I am really ready for something new, however!
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    day 1 pre and despite several drops no issues except the usb cover came broke off but still have it in. (Really no need with touchstone and preware). Heavily patched and overclocked. I may have been lucky so far but can't wait for new hardware. Webos is the s***!!
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    Looks i'm lucky to not have USB cover problems with my Pre.
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    Still have day 1 Pre..... BUT......

    usb door don't stay on well, has the door crack that has traveled down the screen, had to put chunk of pencil eraser under power button, battery don't last all day......

    Love the webos but need a new phone VERY soon.

    Mostly getting tired of charging twice a day, at this point ANY NEW phone would be an improvement!
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    usb door missing, strip of plastic near usb door missing, minor screen scratches but working still.
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    Had my Pre since July 09. Everything working cept the power button is getting a bit stiff.
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    Not day one but week one Pre finally gave up the ghost on me three weeks ago. It started touching itself.
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    Launch day owner here!. I was like 10th in line at the sprint store. I started out at bestbuy but was like 8th in line. I had a spy in the Bestbuy store and he told me that there were only like 6 on hand so I left to go to the sprint store and happened to get in line and was able to get one there because a couple people weren't upgrade eligble and they didn't want to pay full price.(Least I think that is what happend from overhearing the issue) I dragged my GF along with lol. She was less than enthused. My usb door finally fell off like amonth ago and now the screen is scratched because my skin came off and I was too lazy to re-apply a new one (lesson learned!). Other then that I'm fairly happy with it. I want larger screen though!!!. Luckily mine is a Chuck Norris pre and it is happily running along at 1.2ghz.
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    Have had mine since last summer waiting on new palm hardware or nothing and yea no usb door for about 10 months but no problems screen is prestine use screen guards and change them regularly
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    Got mine on June 9th 2009! Aside from the troubling usb crack doing great! I am hoping it will last until the new devices show up! Still love my Pre!
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    Got mine, sttod in line that June morning.. I was number 3! Still working great.

    Took off my screen protector last week because it was starting to discolor and peel and the phone looks great.

    I, wasn't eligable for an upgrade so I paid full-boat for the pre along with two touchstones and a car charger... all as still in service.

    I am anxious to get new hardware but am still willing to wait.
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    Launch day Pre here too. usb door missing for months but not really missed. Other than that, no problems the forums couldn't solve!
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    Launch Day owner.
    ~9 month mark, crack shows up by the USB door.
    ~11 month mark, power button fails (twice, so got refurb).
    currently nearing 5 month mark on refurb.

    Hoping it can hold out for new hardware. I don't want to buy an EVO, but if my phone dies, it's the only current alternative I'd get on Sprint right now (don't like captivate and keyboard, turns out I like the portrait keyboard more).
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