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    Quote Originally Posted by homerlanza View Post
    You are getting random Luna restarts? Cause Compache(sp?) in Govnah might be able to fix that for you.
    Why would enabling compressed memory help? I'm never running many programs when the restart occurs so my guess it's not a memory issue unless i'm missing something.
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    Day 1 Pre owner but I don't know which number Pre I'm currently using? Been through several of them (keyboard failure, touch screen failure, stuck headset/loose battery compartment issue, etc)
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    Still have my day 1 Sprint pre! Trying my best to holdout for v 2.0! C'mon HPalm!
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    Still on my Original Sprint Palm Pre from June 2009. I have always used some sort of case, so the Pre is still scratch/ding free, except for the USB door, which fell off (not that I really miss it).
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    Launch-day pre owner here. #13 out of my store.
    The original has been replaced 3x, and I've moved on to creating my pre plus for Sprint. Got a Verizon plus and am going to do a bit more surgery to replace the keyboard with my original sprint pre's keyboard, since I can't live with the skipped/duplicated letters. I'll make it perfect if it's the last thing I do!!!!
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    My launch day Pre's doing just fine, a couple of litle scrathces, but nothing too bad.
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    1-week off of launch...lost my USB door months ago but otherwise still running strong. I've kept a BestSkinsEver on it and it's been the only protection against numerous drops.
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    Day 1 owner here! Power button doesn't click and my usb cover is missing. otherwise in great shape with an invisashield cover.
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    Got a launch day Pre, replaced it within two weeks because of a whitish splotch on the screen (bad pixels?). Still have that replacement today with some scuffs on the screen, missing USB door (after 10 months) and USB crack running along the screen but not in the way of anything.

    Longing for some new hardware and 2.0, but I'm patient. I would rather wait until HPalm does it right, then have them rush the new stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnk5y View Post
    Why would enabling compressed memory help? I'm never running many programs when the restart occurs so my guess it's not a memory issue unless i'm missing something.
    I am no expert, so maybe some one else might be able to chime in and help, but I remember reading a few months back that enableing that helps with the random restarts. My random restarts starting going away after I went OC'ed up to 800Mhz not sure if the two are connected or not.
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    #5 in line at 3am even tho line never got more than 25. Only dropped twice but still original Pre. Original phantom skinz. One dead battery. 70 patches. 150ish apps.
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    Launch day Pre, running like a champ. Occasional headset jack issues which I've always been able to fix. Just today I had to do the paper fix on the power button. I've got it overclocked to 500/1000, have 35 patches and 99 apps.

    We loves it, yes we do.
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    Launch Pre owner here. Happy as can be...a handful of hardware issues, although nothing I couldn't fix on my own or with the help of the community.

    1. Power button failed. Now have a piece of eraser under the button to re-engage the worn or busted spring.
    2. A wobble, very noticeable when I look at my fellow Pre Plus owners, but other than that, no dealbreaker & no inconvenience.
    3. A white gesture area push button (chipped finish). Who cares?
    4. A loose launch battery. I remedied that in the first couple of weeks with a folded business card. No big deal, I had to do it with other previous non-smart phones too.
    5. Way back before I can remember, hah....I had the issue of stuck headset mode. After a doctor I never had the issue again.

    All in all, I know there is some crapiness to the build, but it's hard to relate to all of the negativity surrounding the build when my wife & I both have our launch Pre devices & they almost never leave our hands/pockets/etc. I love this phone.
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    I started out with a Pixi, but I've had my Pre for about 7-8 months or so. I put a full body Zagg protector on it shortly after I got it (eventually gave in and got a touchstone so that was kind of a waste). Also put the sliding case on it from Sprint a few months ago. Long story short, I'm on my original Pre and it's in new condition. I'll probably keep it for another year, even if/when a new Palm phone is released.
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    Day one Pre owner, checking in!

    I've lost the USB door, have had to trick the power button with a folded piece of paper*, and there are lots of scratches, but still a great phone. I'm overclocked, but otherwise I've made minimal changes.

    * Power button issues developed when I dropped the phone from a high train platform onto the track bellow - probably a fall of 10 feet. I ertainly can't blame build quality for that.
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    Former owner of June 06, 2009 Pre. Finally gave up on Palm and the Pre and purchased an HTC EVO. Sold the Pre for $150.00. Couldn't be happier. My wife still has her June 06, 2009 Pre. It's sitting in a box on the kitchen counter as she also moved over to the EVO. She also couldn't be happier.

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    I got mine in Aug, 2009. Still running strong...but I believe it's time for an upgrade.

    Palm come on....give us a new phone.
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    Day one owner, and proud of it - hoping to be a day one owner of the Pre2/RoadRunner/Whatever

    Small crack at USB door appeared over a year ago, and USB door finally departed for greener pastures just a week ago.

    Functionally works great - there is no comparison to WebOS. Since the 1 GHz OC, I feel that I have a brand new phone.
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    Still rockin' my first Sprint launch day Pre! Patiently looking forward to the next gen software, hardware, toasters & printers.
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    I got my Palm Pre on launch day about 15 mins after the store opened.
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