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    hello every one,

    I would like to ask about making a profile availability in the palm's website if I got a new palm pre plus, but I'm not one of the country listed in the Palm's wepsite.
    I mean if my palm is unlocked to work with the carrier in my country, CAN I MAKE A PROFILE WHEN I PALM FIRST BOOT?.
    inaddition to that can I upgrade or update my palm when update for the webOS is available while my palm is unlocked to to work with the carrier in my country

    sorry for taking a long time of yours.

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    please some one help me i'm really disappointed
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    i suggest that you send a PM to "guyfromnam" to ask his advice. he seems to have some knowledge of this. I think your thread title didn't indicate what this was about and that probably limited the number of views.

    there are several other threads here about unlocking phones that may also help if you look there.
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    well, thank you all for response
    1- i am in Saudi Arabia.
    2-I have palm pre plus ( unlocked )
    3-from ebay.
    4-sorry i dont know.
    and I'm ready for any question, ^_^

    also what if i upgrade my webos to the incoming webos 2.0. just like the iPhone. will it work with my carrier or i must unlock it again?

    Please be patient with me, Iam really new user
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    I think the main thing to add to this is that you can create a palm profile no matter where you are as long as you are connected to a carrier data plan (minus any abilities homebrew adds). The country where the device was FIRST activated becomes the country of the device.

    If the device was activated for the first time in the US then shipped to Europe the device is tied to the US when accessing the App Catalog.

    Being as your device was purchased on Ebay you need to first find out if the device was ever activated by the previous owner, if it was then the device is tied to what country that device was activated in. If it has not been activated then yes you can create a palm profile in Saudi Arabia, however you will be creating a profile in an unsupported country, therefore your app catalog access will be limited.
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    thank you all Workerb33,GuyFromNam and HardBeatZ

    I really find that satisfied and rich information special thanks to HardBeatZ because you really understood what I mean.
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    Still, do you see prices or not!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Still, do you see prices or not!?
    I really appreciate your interest in solving my question.

    let me till you some thing, since I ordered the palm from ebay I started finding out how to use it and searching about its problems, solutions, programs and developing it. while i'm watching the Palm pre plus E-learning site they were describing how to make a Profile in the new palm and then I came here to ask about that

    Now I'm so really embarrassed from you because so far I didn't receive device from ebay But, on Monday I will have it in my palm.^_^

    I'm really sure you will appreciate my situation, ( I must search and discover before I own the device).
    but if you don't mind will you please tell me what is the difference whether its with prices or free?

    thank you so so so much...
    have a nice day...

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