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    Ok its already updated to latest firmware(1.4ish) it came Unlocked direct from Palm UK however the enclosed Quickstart guide leaves a lot to be desired i've found that powering down the phone to completely Off means that everytime i switch the phone back on i have to reset the time.Another minor concern is battery charging - the USB cable and Wall charger are a bit fiddly plus am i right in assuming that the best way to recharge the battery is by leaving the phone on with screen switched off?I just wished Palm(Or HP as they will be)had included a proper manual.I apologize for acting like a noodle head but i'm still in awe of this marvelous Smartphone.I'm taking it Stateside this weekend on flying duties.Thankyou again for the warm welcome to the Pre.
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    no need to power the phone off. when it goes to sleep it is as "off" as it needs to be.

    also, I recommend you get a touchstone for charging. wireless charging is amazing once you try it...

    you can download a proper manual from, too.

    have fun!
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    I find the tips and tricks guides both on this site and to be the best way to learn fast (compared to the manual). You shouldn't need to switch the phone off, ever... a reset every few days can be a good idea but not needed for all users.

    You may find that your battery drains a lot over night with the phone on depending on how you set it up, but if you go in to the phone preferences and turn off 'Data Usage' (Or get Preware and install a patch to get to it easier) it will hardly move, but you will still receive all calls and texts, just not e-mails etc.

    In terms of charging, I have 3 touchstones, 2 at home 1 in the car, can't imaging not using them, best phone add-on ever. At work I can't use one so usb cable, easiest way is to open the keyboard, this makes a gap where you can open the flap from underneath, then just gently pull out from the middle.
    Modern phones can be charged any which way, on or off, but why would you want to turn it off?

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