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    I changed my facebook login in a while ago (because my is no longer a working email) and changed it to a gmail account. And i had to change my facebook password recently.

    The issue:
    When i go into Contacts->account preferences, i can re-enter a password, but i can't change the email address field. Is there a way to change the email address field?
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    remove the account from email, photos, and contacts. then add the account back to your pre.
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    no way around it huh? I guess its something to do while i wait around; re-link contact information.

    what a silly problem.

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    why would you have to re-link them? the password stuff is all controlled by facebook. if you delete everything from your phone, adding the account back in to the facebook app should bring everything back as it was - unless you had things that didn't properly link when you did it the first time.

    I once loaned my phone to someone to check their facebook and it added all their contacts to my phone. Once I deleted that account from those 4 apps (facebook, contacts, calendar, and photos) the problem disappeared.

    Did you try that yet?

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