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    I tried searching for this issue to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I haven't seen any posts about it. I recently recorded a video and tried uploading it to FB via the video upload options.
    It says video upload in progress and gives me a confirmation saying the video sucessfully uploaded and I press the FB icon and it brings me to the video that I wanted uploaded and plays within the default video viewer.

    Yet, when I chck to see if the video is on FB using my desktop the video is nowhere to be found. I tried re-upping three times same results, I even registered my pre using the facebook mobile settings on FB that didn't work. The video is below the threshold of 1024 mb which I know is 1 GB and under 20 minutes that FB requires, the video is only 1:16 seconds! I have no clue why its not working.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe the issue is stemming from FaceBook Beta? Thats juss my guess though. If anyone could assist me with my issue, I'd highly appreciate it
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    I've uploaded several videos to facebook, haven't had a problem other than the fact they take FOREVER to upload. I don't think it matters what version you use as far as uploading because you upload from your video file itself not log into facebook and then upload. (and I have viewed my videos on the latest beta version so don't think that's at fault either). Short answer: I don't know why you're having those troubles.
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    Thanks for your reply Sledge007, I went ahead and removed my FB account on my Pre and signed back in and that seemed to solve my problem temporarily. I was finally able to upload the video doing that and when I went to upload another the same problem I had earlier happened again so I signed out and re-signed in again and was able to upload the next video. Seems tedious but it worked lol and thanks I don't know why its juss my Pre doing this...
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    I've noticed that uploading video seems to work better over wifi. have you tried that?
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    Yea I have it on wi-fi constantly and I'm using my home's wi-fi which makes the uploading process faster. The only way I can tell that it works is that the video has the FB watermark/insignia in the lower right corner of the video.

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