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    I've had my original Palm Pre since the day of its release on Sprint. I've suffered through the growing pains of the original Pre, cracked screen, poor battery life, static on calls, in and out EV, you name it. I'm eligible for an upgrade through Sprint, but really don't want an Android phone, and I'm a die hard Sprint customer. (11 years) Which means no iPhone and AT&T.

    My real question is, with the merger with HP, is a new palm device inevitable? Or are they just using the WebOS for printers and possible "slates"?

    I don't post often, but I love the WebOS platform and don't want to switch, plus this battle axe pre is on its last leg. Disappointed and disheartened. HELP.
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    I would say there will be a new Palm device on its way, since they've said they been working on devices for some time, and with the expected release of webOS 2.0 there should be something competitive to take advantage of what it has to offer...whether that device will be on Sprint first is another question . If you have insurance on the phone, maybe you should take advantage of it. If you really can't wait any longer, then by all means try something new now, at least that'll satisfy your crave a bit, until the next webOS phone is released. Now I have played with the latest Samsung Epic 4G phone, and I have to say it's lightning fast and the screen is gorgeous, unfortunately it uses Android...
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    new stuff almost here. Worth the wait.
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    My real question is, with the merger with HP, is a new palm device inevitable? Or are they just using the WebOS for printers and possible "slates"?

    (As sure as webos have the best multitasking than every other phone) :-D:-D
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    inevitable. If you've been following the front page, some great details have emerged over the last few weeks.
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    I've been with Sprint for a looooong time too, and my last three phones have been Palm phones. That said, my wife upgraded her htc diamond to the galaxy s a few days ago.

    I gotta say the phone is very nice, though a bit too big for my taste, and the android os is good..........but, it is no webos, by a long shot.

    We had a huge issue syncing her contacts, and I tell you after about an hour trying I almost gave up.

    I myself have had my pre since day one, I'm going to wait for new hardware from HP/Palm....I just hope it's soon though...really soon, I dropped my pre and the bottom cracked.
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    new PHONES are on the way, but you can pick a replacement Pre off eBay or here even. I've been with Sprint since they were Centel Cellular! and have had a Palm based phone since the i300. Over the years corporate America tried to get me to drink the blackberry kool-aid, but I only did when absolutely necessary.

    Be patient, and if you Pre truly is on it's last leg, then use the insurance and get a newer one.

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