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    Over the last 2-3 months, there have been better apps, better games, better patches, the list goes on and on. I'm so glad I picked this phone over the Torch and iPhone 3G. I have a friend of mine with a 3G who constantly complains about his phone and I sense a feeling of envy coming from him when I show him the latest new thing I can do on my phone. I was pretty stoked with themes up until last weekend when I discovered (or just got around to checking out) the animated top bar/emoticons/launcher pages etc. I wonder if the phone will EVER plateau... I keep hearing people griping about no new hardware, but it seems to me like I get a brand new phone every month when these new things keep popping up. I just got clear card today, never really thought about it before but now I CAN have umpteen cards open and still make it look like they are not, which I think is pretty cool. Can't wait to try out the 2way wifi media sync I also just got once I get home from work. I guess my next step will be to go find a touchstone somewhere, more likely from the web as there isn't a lot of places in Canada that sell Palm accessories, although once in awhile I spot them. So again, another sermon to the choir as a recent post I read a few days ago quoted. For me I can wait for new hardware as the constantly evolving software be it apps/games/updates/patches or what-have-you is keeping me smiling (and my friends envious Thanks to all who have made my and everyone else here in the community, so much more bearable than in the early days
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    Two thumbs up..
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    I couldn't agree more.
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    lol, the thread title implies that the OP is about to post a bunch of complaints... it's a pleasant surprise to see such a positive view of things.
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    i'm with cantaffordit, title sounded ominous...

    what a pleasant surprise !
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    Yeah luckily I live on the border in Canada so i can head over to RadioSmack for all my Touchstone needs.

    Canada basically gave up on Palm before the Pre even came out, everyones a Crackberry addict here because of patriotism towards a Canadian brand.
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    i came in ready to fight..... couldnt agree with the op more
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    Thanks OP - I love to see upbeat comments on this forum
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    I totally agree. I just got my Pre in July so I know I came in close to the tail end of it before something new comes out but with all the patches and apps I am so excited everytime I pick up my phone and it does something cool. I probably won't get a new phone until the next new one is coming to it's end but I'll be happy for a long time with my Pre so I can wait for new hardware.

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    That's just my facetious/smartass side of me that was coming out, I really do try to keep it in check, at least here on the boards, (not so much in real life) I just don't get why people have such a heart on for a new phone since it seems like all the time I keep getting one, without actually going out and buying one...but I suppose some people just gotta keep up with the Jones's and if they don't have something totally brand new then they aren't happy. Of course it would be cool to have higher ram, higher storage etc but when it really comes down to it, especially reading all the posts about people leaving their pres/pixis and coming back practically on their knees begging forgiveness (lol)
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    couldn't agree more with the OP.

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