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    I have a Sprint Pre. This is the first phone I have had with built in GPS. I find that it takes a very long time to aquire an accurate position IF AT ALL! I have to run the GPS Fix app which can take 20+ minutes. All of this can happen on a clear day in an open parking lot with full signal.

    On the other hand, my Garmin or my built-in car GPS will aquire a signal in no time and keep it through a FREAKING HURRICANE FTLOG!!!

    My question is, *** is the difference? Is there a big hardware difference between the two? Does the phone require a summarized position from the nearest tower or something BEFORE it can get an accurate Sat signal?

    My Pre GPS is basically unusable. I was walking through a city last weekend with someone with an IPhone4 who pulled up their map and got a reading immediately. I had to wait 5 minutes for the GPS Fix to work...W T F!!!

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    I still use my garmin. Trying to use a tiny phone to navigate has never appealed to me.

    and the phone navigation software is missing tons of basic features.
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    I was more referring to the ability to pull a coord rather than ease of use of Nav software.


    This looks promising. I'll dust off the QPST and see what I can break. Thanks!
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    I can't speak from experience with GPS on the Pre, but I was one of the "Experts" for Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine and focused on GPS software. A few advantages of a mobile device vs. a stand-alone GPS navigation:

    • One device vs. multiple (only 1 to charge etc..)
    • Not locked into 1 vendor
    • Typically easier to update software on mobile device
    • Can use phone's data to get traffic updates etc...
    • Can use other GPS-related software on mobile device (geocaching etc.)

    Now, with that said there isn't a huge choice of vendors out there for the Pre (that I've seen) so the second bullet above is somewhat moot at this point.

    Hopefully more vendors will be porting their products to the newer Palm devices.

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    sounds like you have a Verizon Pre and the subsequent headaches for the GPS.
    I honestly believe that a standalone GPS is far superior than the GPS on any mobile phone. Standalone GPS connects to the satellites whereas your phone goes to your carrier's tower, then some funky algorithms, then you have your position.
    If you're in or on a vehicle, the charging of multiple devices is a moot point. Keep your standalone GPS, you'll be much happier.
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    The Pre requires internet connection to retrieve the maps, stand alone GPSs have the maps preloaded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    The Pre requires internet connection to retrieve the maps, stand alone GPSs have the maps preloaded.
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    Sentence #1 of my post...

    "I have a Sprint Pre. "

    Anyway my issue isn't with vendors and software. I have navit and the maps and can get it to work after the pre gets a location. But that's the problem. Getting the location seems to take forever or it doesn't happen without a reboot or the GPS Fix app which takes 20 minutes. I'm going to try out the changes in the link.
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    I could be wrong, but if the device saves the last position the gps receiver will use that to try and figure out were it is when you turn it on. Lets say it has been two days since you last used gps. When you turn it on it will think it is in the same time and place it was when you turned it off two days ago. The visible satellites will be completely different. It will waste time looking for birds that are not there before it reverts to looking for any sat in view, and then eventually it will get 4 or more good signals and give you a fix. My garmin gpsmap 60cs does this and it has a selectable function to tell it, it is in a new location and time, so look for any sats to get fix. If the device has the ability to download the almanacs and store them and a time base to look at, it can get a fix much faster because it knows what longitude it is at and what time it is so it will know exactly what birds are overhead to look for. Most phones don't do this and rely on agps to get that initial fix and then refine that over a period of minutes as it picks up sats and gets a solid fix.
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    I had Garmin Mobile XT for my Palm Centro. Since the Centro didn't have a built-in GPS chip, I used the bluetooth GPS keychain. It worked great. The maps were loaded on a microSD card, so it didn't require a data connection to use the navigation software.

    I'd gladly load the map data on my Pre's internal memory in order to be able to use Garmin software on it.

    I started a thread a while back about the lack of Garmin software available for the Pre.

    With WebOS' 5% market share, it may not make business sense for Garmin to make their software available for the Pre. It seems as if Garmin is focused on introducing their own phones with navigation software built-in. I don't believe they don't even have a Droid version yet.
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    I think garmin launched a phone on t-mobile recently.

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