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    second pre, second built bought new in june. In addition to the never bfore had usb crack; I now have a very distinct screen blotch on right side that looks yellow on a white screen. I'm overclocked to 800mhz. Anyone else having this issue overclocked or otherwise?

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    Does it happens all the time or only when the device feels hot/warm?
    Mine has several, but only appear when it gets hot (charging & using myTether)
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    yellow blotch was a VERY common defect in the early builds. Don't think they ever fixed it. Its a heat issue. Could be related to Overclocking, but I had that yellow blotch of a few of my early Pre's when overclocking wasn't around.
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    thanks, it appears to get worse when hot, now it's not so bad. Tryin to hang on for pre 2!
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    Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't; seems like an issue that heat agrevates.
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    i see blotches when im wearing my polarized sunglasses, but other than that mines a launch pre, and ive oc'd up to 1ghz and never NEVER had any blotching issues, only issues with the phoe crashing when i close the slider too hard ( only happens when overclocked o_O )

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