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    I know this is a ridiculous problem, when I create a new 11:00-12:00 event with every 2 days repeat, I found only the first day's alarm works and all the other following alarms did NOT work, although I can see them in week/month view.

    Am I the only one suffering this bug please?

    ROM: 1.45 O2 GSM
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    Uhmmm did you mess around with the silent/mute button?
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    Well I never silent my phone, and I mean the alarms don't pop-up for the following events.
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    I had some issues with events that touched or ran over the 12:00 hour a while back, so I started making my events skip over 12:00 (e.g. 11:00 - 11:50 or 12.05 - 1:00)
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