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    OK, My Sprint Pre just said You are no longer signed into your Palm profile and made me reboot.
    After it re-did the phone (rebooted and erased all my stuff) I signed back into the same Palm profile but it did not download my paid Apps like it always did if you Doctor your phone. I can go into the App catalog and download it for free again but a major Pain.

    Any other way to find and download my paid Apps all at once?

    Any idea why out of the clear blue it says: You are no longer signed into your Palm profile and erases all my stuff?

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    After a webos doctor all your paid app(s) should have been re-downloaded back on your phone... once you've sign back into the profile from~which the app(s) was bought from. As for your other question > other members have complain about this happening to them as well. This is cause by HP|Palm, and not the phone. You can also fill out this feedback, and state your issue in the box below: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA.

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    God I hope this gets fixed in 2.0
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    Same thing happened to me this morning. What a pain in the *****!
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    Yeah, I got bit by this about a month ago ... many threads about this if you want more info. I've also logged an "official" request and posted on the Palm boards ... no response. Seems to come in bunches ... if one person gets booted, seems like several do around the same time.

    Your apps should come back on their own, but sometimes you have to be patient. I started re-loading mine by hand and about 15 minutes later noticed that some background job had started loading them as well. The bad news is you have to do the homebrew apps yourself, and any data or settings from apps (other than the Contacts/Calendar) are gone.
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    This happened back a while ago out of the blue near the time of an update. It turned out it was a Palm network problem. do a search and you'll find the name of the Palm guy (I'm thinking Hardbeatz) that you should report this to.

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