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    I thought this was fun. Rather than doing a double swipe up to get the launcher when a card is maximized, hit the button and swipe up in one action. It probably feels more natural on the plus without the button, but its still kinda fun on the sprint pre.
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    Just tried it. Freakin' sweet!
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    Nice tip... doing this I also tried a new way to dismiss apps. Tapped the swipe area with my thumb and swiped up with my index finger. Worked great!
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    I've been jealous of the Pre+ users for more than just the extra RAM because of the button being removed. I want the flush screen like you!
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    Interesting...thanks for the tip!
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    Since discoverint this I use it all the time. I have to say, I like it.
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    I got a pixi for my son and discovered that this trick doesn't work without a button. That makes me terribly sad I'll put the suggestion on H/Palm's suggestion site that they should make it work.

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