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    Sent my Pre away to be fixed because the speaker had started to crackle badly. They sent it back saying the logic board had been replaced, but I suspect it may be a whole different pre. When I put in my palm account details it restored all my apps except for monopoly, need for speed and SIMS that I downloaded months ago when they were free. I did a factory reset of my phone a few months ago (and when the apps were no longer free) and they were re-downloaded to my phone for free again and listed in my applications as monopoly (free) etc. Any ideas why they arent listed in my applications anymore? And will palm (or someone else) give them to me if I email them??


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    Had a similar problem on my first replacement Pre. Not all of my apps were restored, some of them paid. I just found them again in the app catalog and selected them, it then downloaded them (for free). I'm not sure if you will be able to get a free download if you didn't pay for them in the first place, but I do know that if you do pay for an app and for whatever reason you need to re-download it, you don't have to pay a second time.
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    They aren't available for free anymore... That was a limited time offer.
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    The free games offer was only temporary as long as the payed apps were not available - it was also stated, that if the device was wiped after payed apps were available, you have to buy the apps.
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    Darn! Thanks guys. I did state that I had got them when they were free... which should have given away that I knew they were free and aren't now. Didnt realise they had said that if it was wiped you would have to pay! Especially as before when my phone was wiped they were downloaded again for free through my applications! Guess I will have to do without
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    Tried to speak to palm support about my problem but they weren't able to understand at all, so got a number for UK which I will try tomorrow. If Pulp is right, this is annoying, as it means that if your phone needs fixed you have to decide if the problem is bad enough to endure a week of waiting and 20 of lost games!

    Oddly, in the past I when I wiped my phone (which was when the games were no longer available free) It still redownloaded them for free and in my apps they were shown as monopoly (free) etc... So when did they decide to stop doing that!? Because now there is no way to backup these free games that o2 heavily marketed to make people buy the Pre!

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