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    Hello there;

    I've installed the right patches for the landscape to work in pdf view, but for some reason it's not working and I've tried everything that I could. Can anyone please help me.
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    You need just "Enable Landscape PDF Viewer". Should work with that installed. But there is a problem with PDF display in the current OS version -- 1.4.5 . Many PDF files will not render at all. Your problem could be related to that. Perhaps not as well.

    Try uninstalling the patch, rebooting, reinstalling the patch, and then rebooting again.
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    Remove the "Enable Landscape PDF Viewer" patch and install the "PDF Redux" patch. It gives you more control options including an option to use the accelerometer for rotation.


    Be sure that you have loaded the "Extract PDF Viewer" Application first befor installing "Enable Landscape PDF Viewer"
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