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    This is an odd post for me. There was a time when I absolutely hated my Palm Pre (somewhere around my fourth replacement for a shattered touchscreen within a few months of getting the phone - those early pre's were REALLY fragile).

    Anyway, it just feels like every time I'm getting down on my Pre for being outdated or lacking the next-big-thing, out comes a patch or kernel or app that solves the issue and brings it back to being amazing. My Pre keeps on growing every day, and it's running better today then it ever has. My hardware is still tight and looking new, my battery is lasting longer then ever, my camera is taking decent video, my UI is melted-butter smooth, my zcorder is recording audio, my processor is running at 1.1ghz and keeping up with the newest smartphones on the market, I'm playing SNES on a beautifully perfect emulator, and dozens upon dozens of patches have things running EXACTLY how I like it.

    The physical hardware hasn't changed, but my user experience has improved unbelievably. Back when the Pre launched and I bought one of those laggy defective missing-important-features phones I never would have guessed just how far it would come. It could even go further - hardware acceleration of the UI using that nifty little graphics chip would make things even better!

    It just feels like it breaks every law of hardware I've known. My phones have always felt woefully out-of-date months after I've bought them. My computers have felt woefully out-of-date and unbearably slow within a relatively short amount of time. Even my amazing 1080i HD bigscreen TV that I spent a small fortune on was out-of-date mere months later when they brought out HDMI and killed all HD-over-component (I was an early adopter and was completely screwed out of HD content as a result).

    At this point the only thing I can think of that annoys me about the pre is the slightly too-small screen. If only it could grow physically as well . I can't even imagine what it'd be like to give up WebOS and it's beautifully smooth operation. I've fiddled around with andriod and apple and they just don't feel quite the same (one lacks in user experience and the other believes it's smarter and holier than it's operator). Here's hoping the new Palm gives me a bigger screen and some hardware that'll keep me in my happy place.

    I guess I'm preaching to the choir here. I look forward to seeing Palm's next phone - against all odds and broken touchscreens I'm loyal to the brand.
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    definitely preaching to the choir. but hey, we keep coming back every sunday for these lovely sermons.

    i'm totally in the same boat as you. just got my third pre in the last month of my one year of warranty, and with all the homebrew and having it set up as I like it, I wouldn't trade this for anything on the market right now. I may wish it had another app or feature or two, but I'm pretty dang happy! I was reminded of how happy earlier tonight when I was juggling three text convo cards, DM's on tweed, and emails in only the way that webOS can do. I was thinking, "damn I wish this was being recoded for an ad..."
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    Very nice post !!! +!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Nice post, but the title should read "webOS Internals breaks the usual laws of hardware"
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    It just shows how ridiculous dissing the Pre's hardware (electronics-wise, not shell-wise) really is; the hardware is pretty top notch, but held back by 1.X Software. Say what you will about webOS, but it's always been somewhat wonky and buggy and slowish due to missing software features... Such is the nature of early-adopter products.

    The thing is that software can be updated. And the Pre's innards are quite quite solid hardware, with the OMAP's freakish overclockability as an added bonus. The hardware shell is frequently a different story, but yeah.

    Downloading 2.0 for free when it hits is probably going to give you an entirely new phone although you haven't bought one
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    Except for the vzw version with sticky keys, and the gps bug, the device has actually gotten better.

    it's a special thanks to palm's software engineers for continual software updates, JR, and of course webOSinternals.
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    While I am on my one and only Pre Plus with no hardware problems what so ever, I have noticed that the phone is very different then the day I bought it. Patches and webOS updates have taken my user experience to new heights. New apps have even allowed me to get around the Verizon GPS screw up.

    I love my Pre Plus and will probably use it well beyond my two year contract unless it just wares out or HP brings out something that I just can’t refuse. I also agree with many on this thread that this is a nice post. It is good to see something upbeat for a change.
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    great post,good read. I feel the same way
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    !! Thank You !!

    Only a week into my new Pre+ & I am really appreciating the WebOS and the portable design of this hardware. And right now the unit has no hardware issues (knocking on wood), other than causing me to be shamefully paranoid and tender about how I treat it. I know it's not cutting edge, and it's had more than it's fare share of quality issues, but right now it still seems like a damn nice phone.

    Can't tell ya how good it is to read something positive 'bout it. Does seems like every 3rd-4th thread, or so, on here falls back into negativity. I don't mean to diss people's very real pain, but for someone new and exploring the Pre's for a first time, it's a total buzz kill; at times makes me complate returning it and making do with an Android.

    I don't mind the screen size so much. I figure it not being so big, is what allows it to be so comfortable and portable; I never want to go back to having a brick in my pocket feeling or major belt aparatus again.

    What I do lament, is the lack of broad market and mind share for WebOS; means we are probably last in line for the killer & common apps. Definatley some apps I miss from my iTouch.

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