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    Hi All! (apologies for the spelling mistake in the topic title)

    Today I took the plunge and after many months of thinking and researching I finally brought the Palm Pre Plus from O2 (UK). I also got the Touchstone Charging Dock for Free! (Apparently it's on a promotion).

    Anyone recommend any apps? (I don't want to install Preware atm since I will probably screw it up)
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    <<Fixed title>>
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    Welcome my fellow UKer. Hope you like the Pre, it has served me well.
    I find the touchstone amzing, have two already and looking to pick up another 2, got the chargers ready.

    As for apps
    Bad Kitty is my choice of Twitter client. (If you use twitter then check out @Palm_uk and it might also be worth following @errade as you're in the UK)

    Timepiece is a nice alarm app if the stock one doesnt cut it for you.

    Newsfeed is a nice free rss feed reader.

    Bookmark and get some login details

    Neato! Can be handy for sending stuff from your PC app for finding places

    Turn off network time and use the app Clock Sync instead.

    Games I like-
    Free-Pressi zola, SuperNES, SuperTux, Superjump, etc
    Paid- Sparkle, VBA, asphalt5, angry birds.

    Also I have to recommend Preware, you should really use it, there are huge benefits, Even if you only use it to install the app Save/Restore.
    Instructions are at
    And you should def follow @webosinternals on twitter

    Edit: Also with Preware you can get Music Player Remix 2.0 (Beta) and have a way better music player.

    Post if you have anymore questions

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    You can't mess up with preware, I would definitely install it asap.

    I am in the US so YMMV.

    If not that, use BFG maps rather than google maps.

    Get YouView and with it start using

    The free weather app I find useful is The Weather Channel.

    GeoStrings to take advantage of your location aware phone.

    You travel on business? If so, Expensify.

    Zumodrive for cloud storage.

    Agenda (may be a preware app, can't remember)

    Welcome to webOS world!
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    install preware,it's the only way.
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    welcome to pre-addiction.
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    I recommend installing pandora, angry birds, and Bad Kitty ASAP.

    By the way, preware installation is impossible to mess up unless you really try.
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    Install Preware and then Uberkernel and clock that ***** to 1ghz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anifan View Post

    I recommend installing pandora, angry birds, and Bad Kitty ASAP.

    By the way, preware installation is impossible to mess up unless you really try.
    Pandora's not available outside of US.
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    Hey, another UK Pre User; we should all find a nice phonebox and have a meet up, LOL! Seriously, my Pre only came "alive" for me once I installed PreWare, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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