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    Ok so all of a sudden i noticed that when i have my slider open and make a call i can not hear anything from the ear peice. if i hit speaker phone it rings and then i turn it off and nothing. with the slider closed everything seems to be fine. also i get system sounds like the when you swipe away card that play when the slider is open. anyone else had this happen?
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    i have done everything short or dr. at this point. I removed all patches and ran repair utility with override on. i removed UK and ran recovery Kernel and still no sound only through the phone when the slider is up. I cant even answer a call by sliding the slider up anymore. Hopeing this happened to someone else so that i dont need to Dr. really dont want to right now.
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    sounds like ur phone is possibly stuck in headset mode. you can try plugging in a pair of headphones. then take them out. also maybe cleaning the headset jack out could help. i personally had to get a homebrew app called the ghastly headset which forces ur phone out of headset mode.
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    tried it. everything seems to be good according to the app. it is just the front speaker as they call it just stopped working. now i cant get it to work at all. i dont know whether or not to dr. it and give it a shot or just bring it in to be exchanged.
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    Use some WD40 when you plug and unplug the headset. Spray the WD40 on a paper towel and rub it on the headset plug. Then insert and remove the plug a few times. This might help.
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    i just got it unstuck. i used wd40, compressed air and needle. then even after i got it working with the slider closed i had to open it and call voicemail and then wiggle the needle more to get it unstuck for that too. whatever glad i didnt dr. and thanks to preware an easy fix to get everything back.

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