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    So, after getting an update for Internalz and the file manager service (which could be a coincidence and totally unrelated to my problem) through Preware I got a big notification thing that said I had been logged out of my Palm profile and that I needed to restart my phone. So I restart and go through the initial sign in thing like when you first get your phone. After it finally gets logged in to all my accounts and booted I find that my background is back to default, all my homebrew apps are gone, all my official stuff is being retrieved (apps, contacts, the usual), but all my patches are still installed. Worst of all, I lost my Angry Birds data and now have to re-get 100s of stars.

    I'm just massively confused. I was kind of hoping that I wouldn't have to go through this a third time until this phone broke or Palm released new hardware.

    Anybody else have this happen to them? Should I just do EPR and start all over to make sure more weird stuff doesn't happen with the patches?

    UPDATE: I tried to run EPR, but since it (and Preware) wasn't finding any of the patches it failed. I guess I need to do a full wipe and start all over.
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    had this happen to me twice this month...once just a few minutes ago.

    If you ran save/restore before this happened, you should have all scores intact from when you did it. I know this cause im 8 stars away from getting 3 stars across all boards and I remembered to just save/restore.

    What I found just happened to me was that I was finding the game was a tiny bit laggy, ran jstop to clean it up but was swipe deleting some of the items on there like Email and Brightness as well as using the garbage clean up link. Then I rebooted and boom! All apps gone! Again!

    Last time I doctored and took me about a day to get all my stuff back. This time, im testing battery pull and Erase Apps and Data instead of doctoring. Ill let you know in a bit how it works out. Currently, its restoring the backed up data.
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